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Here’s the scoop about Jennifer and Heartmanity.


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Personal Note From Jennifer:

“Hi! I’m Jennifer Williams, the founder of Heartmanity and the Heartmanity Center, located in Bozeman, Montana. For over thirty years, I’ve had the honor of being a friend, mentor, and confidante to hundreds of couples, parents, families, entrepreneurs, and business owners. My driving passion is to help people create thriving relationships. Why? Because relationships, beginning with the relationship with ourselves, determine the quality of our lives and how much fun we have along the way!

Sometimes my work is helping a person replace anxiety with inner peace or helping them accept and love themselves. Sometimes my work takes me to a business owner who is overwhelmed and defaulting to outdated behavior, and their business is reflecting their chaos. Sometimes a family is struggling with a behavioral issue with a child or teen and needs some encouragement and skills.

Originally from a conservative Midwestern town, I survived a chaotic and tumultuous childhood, depending on my inner compass to help me make it through difficult and often life-threatening situations. As a young adult, I overcame deep depression and the merciless criticism of inner chatter. After I was married, I quickly realized how much my upbringing and lack of healthy role models clouded the enormous love I had for my husband. When we had our first child, it was clear again that my past dramatically interfered with my ability to be an effective and loving parent. Only too well did I discover that when it comes to partnering in marriage, parenting, or business, we play out hidden patterns from what we learned as children.

I realized it’s impossible to be a successful partner or parent without resolving and integrating childhood pain and patterns. But healing wasn’t enough either; I lacked basic skills in life and relationship, like emotional self-control or conflict resolution or how to set healthy boundaries.

So how did I get here—running a thriving business of two decades, married for 36 happy years, and the mother of three grown, beautiful, and successful children?

My unwavering desire and relentless pursuit of answers became a captivating obsession. I asked myself repeatedly: “How do I learn to live full-out and love unconditionally while healing in real time?” After tremendous study and lots of trial and error, I came to understand a profound, reoccurring theme: Everything leads back to the relationship with yourself! Everything. This powerful statement is what I have practiced daily in my personal life and continue to weave into my work with clients. Whether you are a single woman, a parent, the leader of a large company, or an eager entrepreneur, what you believe is reflected in all aspects of your life. What could be simpler?

The essence of Heartmanity and my passionate mission is to empower and heal relationships while arming people and businesses with the skills they need to thrive. I learned how to transform pain into wisdom, helplessness into authentic power, and how to align myself with my most cherished values while also honoring those around me.

Through my journey, I’ve been an ardent student in many fields from holistic healing to parenting to brain science. I’ve trained parenting instructors, lectured to small and large audiences, been trained in the Montessori approach, was an early student and proponent of emotional intelligence, signed on as a director for the International Network of Children and Families, headed the founding of a parent advice line, extensively studied leadership and team dynamics, and co-founded Redirecting Corporate America, an advocacy and training organization focused on building healthy relationships in the workplace.

The Heartmanity approach is a holistic one. I won’t “diagnose” your problem, and I won’t give you a pill to fix anything. Instead, you’ll learn a roadmap to commune with your own heart, live your truth, and discover that your true self is untethered, free from past memories and hurts. Get ready to peel off what’s holding you back. Learn how to get real with yourself and transform your life. That’s what I did, and I can show you how.”


Heartmanity’s Mission:

Heartmanity’s mission is to inspire, encourage, unconditionally love, and guide people to create emotionally safe, honest, thriving relationships. In this safe space, we will mine our divine potential and heal the pain that blocks its unlimited power.

Together, we will create families, businesses, and communities where we are all unconditionally loved and respected; our children’s spirits honored and nurtured; our environment cared for; and extraordinary beauty, abundance, and peace flourish for all.

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