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What is Emotional INTEL?

Emotional INTEL: short for emotional intelligence.

And this INTEL is important because the quality of your life depends on how well you utilize the energy of your emotions.

A definition of emotional intelligence is twofold. First, it’s your ability to feel, recognize, interpret, and effectively manage your emotions in your daily life.

And secondly, it’s your ability to identify, understand, and relate to the emotions of others while also impacting others in a positive way.

However, there’s a major disconnect that no one talks about.

Even though our country’s liberty boasts freedom of speech and freedom of expression, we also highly value emotional restraint and social etiquette. A bit of a push-pull, wouldn’t you say!? This conundrum often leads to negative reactions toward emotional expression. Parents and teachers alike quickly shame and punish children for free-flowing, honest comments and energetic outbursts that embarrass them. Hmm.

Emotional Intelligence

So you’ll often find yourself and others:

  • censoring
  • stuffing
  • repressing
  • numbing
  • blocking
  • ignoring
  • denying feelings!

Which results in:

  • confusion
  • exhaustion
  • overwhelm
  • disconnection
  • addiction

and thoroughly complicates relationships!

Emotions have many faces

Emotions have many faces

Sometimes we blame others for how we feel — and if that doesn’t work, we hold our emotions in until we explode or melt down. Not particularly emotionally literate, would you say?

So that’s a pretty good picture of what emotional intelligence is NOT. Without the understanding and tools to succeed, we just keep doing what we’ve always done.

It’s time to accept all of our feelings.

Simply put, emotions are our way of interpreting and processing our experiences.

Why would we want to censor and deny such important information!?

Emotions give us a compass to know what’s right for us and what’s not.
What feels safe and what doesn’t.

If we listen, our feelings guide us to the exact actions we need to take in order to care for
ourselves and find inner peace. Vital, wouldn’t you agree!?

LEARN how to find peace within yourself by easily
surfing the emotional waters of your life!

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence requires skill, knowledge, and practice to navigate the vast and complex world of feelings.

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