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Working Moms, you truly can have it all!

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business is truly exciting. The beginnings, the middles and the ongoing journey are full of promise and possibility. We have a vision pulling us forward and stretching us to be our best!

When we become an entrepreneur, we’re often pursuing our passion and purpose, but we’re also looking for time flexibility and financial freedom. Often one of our goals is to spend more quality time with our family.

Heartmanity works with mompreneurs who are often struggling with the family and work balance. A few powerful keys create an effective formula for building and running a business with passionate ease. Our programs are specifically tailored to you and the goals of your unique lifestyle and business.


  • Jennifer has such a depth of knowledge about the science of the brain and how you can re-train your brain to live a more effective and happy life. She also has extremely practical knowledge on the ins and outs of people and how to be in a relationship the most effectively. Since working with Jennifer, I have put practices into my business, which have helped me reach my financial and personal goals.

    – Comfort P.

  • “Jennifer is a forerunner. There is nowhere else you can read or study what she’s teaching. If you want radical change in your business, call her.”

    – Alex

  • “In just one of our sessions, Jennifer pinpointed how I am unable to express anger because I mix it up with the emotion of sadness. Just knowing this fact let me acknowledge when I have anger and then to use it from a place of awareness and act accordingly. If you want to come from a place of authenticity and stand in your truth too, Jennifer’s work will help you create that space.

    – Lourdes G.

  • “Jennifer brought such incredible insight to my wonderful yet ‘worthy of improving’ relationship with my husband. It’s astounding how such a warm and dynamic woman can shift walls I wasn’t even aware of in my heart and alter the foundation of my perspectives. I’ve walked away with tools that were relevant to EVERY relationship, from the one with myself, my child, my business as well as my husband.”

    – Emily C.

Heartmanity’s Mompreneur Business Programs

All Heartmanity services are customized to fit each unique business and the particular strengths and challenges of your business.


  • Create a business that fits your desired lifestyle and desired income
  • How to take your business to the next level⎯and still have a life!
  • Discover your reliable compass by leading from within
  • Build a supportive system and/or an effective team that matches business growth
  • Align your business with your values and vision (where you want to be!)

For more information or to act now to take you and your business to a new level and receive your personalized training:

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“Five Common Reasons That Women Burn Out
as Entrepreneurs—and what to do about it!”

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Learn the secret to a thriving business
and a life just as sweet!

Now, let’s be honest: A business demands a lot of us. A family demands a lot too. And we haven’t learned to clone ourselves just yet!

Do you find yourself trying to squeeze “living” into a few moments after a long workday?

Do you fall asleep while putting the kids to bed—and when you finally get to bed yourself, you can’t sleep because of a million things racing through your head?

If you’re like many mompreneurs, you’re working so hard that you’re exhausted and crabby. You listen to complaints from your kids that you’re working too much, as you race out the door in the morning with peanut butter on your skirt. And much to your chagrin, you’re going to miss your child’s special occasion again, even though you booked this business event months ago.

I feel for you! Been there, done that. After 15 years running a successful business, I’ve figured out a few things. Wish I’d figured them out before my kids were in college.

FIND OUT how from a veteran mompreneur who has organically grown a long-standing, successful business while being a mom of three children.

Avoid the pitfalls that will stress your family and detract from the fun of being an entrepreneur. Discover the keys to the freedom you’re looking for.

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DISCOVER how to balance work and family
with ease
and regain your enthusiasm—
before you’re tempted to go back to that nine-to-five job!

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Be a gratitude junkie, not a picky perfectionist!

From the Blog

Many women originally think that loving what they do is enough to create a thriving business. Yes, passion and purpose are important, even vital. However, passionate women often work way too hard for far too long for too little in return for their services because they DO love their work! And then they reach burnout.

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Take the Leap

Or if you know you need help and you’re ready, sign up today for coaching that will give you the exact tools you need to grow, lead and expand your business by the compass of your heart. Take the leap! Discover a road map to enlightened action to balance work and family while creating a lifestyle and a life you love!

It doesn’t require sacrifice, as many will tell you. It just requires the expert and reliable compass of your own heart.

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One More Thing

  • One More ThingDoes your life feel like one giant juggling act?Most women’s pet strategy for handling overwhelm is to revert to multitasking. However, multitasking has been found to:
      • increase stress
      • decrease productivity
      • waste time
      • produce more mistakes
      • deplete focus
      • thwart creativity

    Tip for productivity: Batch activities and then block off time in your schedule to complete them. For example: respond to email only twice a day; pay your bills in one sitting; return phone calls at one time; do creative work on dedicated days and times.

  • One More ThingAre you a time stealer?When you’re at work, do you feel guilty about not being with your kids? When you’re home, are you stressing over the things you left undone at work? Tip to rescue time: Don’t steal time from important roles. Instead, practice being fully present wherever you are! When you get distracted, jot a note to yourself and then return to the present moment. This way your brain can relax and refocus because it knows the needed action won’t be forgotten.
  • One More ThingGot more on your back than work?As a mom and entrepreneur, it’s tempting to squeeze in work while also caring for your child. However, many times work takes 10 times longer, and it only seems like you’re getting it done. Worse yet, your child may feel ignored, which can lead them to misbehave and you to get angry!

Tip for creating happy children AND getting more done

When you need to work, plan a special activity for your child ahead of time. This way you and your child can do parallel activities at the same time, and they won’t need to interrupt. Your child may even start asking if you need to get some work done—because they want that cool project you’ve set aside for them! Everyone wins: You feel less guilt and your child feels more love.

Is your child still driving you crazy?

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