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Be transformed into your best self and create a life you love. And have fun doing it!

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One-Year Makeover

Welcome to a life-changing adventure: creating a life you love!

Discover how to live vibrantly from the flawless compass of your own heart with your own one-year makeover through Heartmanity.

Move from surviving to truly thriving!

Get the knowledge and skills you need to create extraordinary relationships—first with yourself, then rippling out to everyone in your life.

You can create the life you want. It’s as easy as taking a picture with your mobile phone—IF you have the right mindsets and the right tools!

Maybe you’re starting to think that the life and relationships that you want are only found in fairy tales. Think again.

Your life is a reflection of what you think, feel and believe.

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One Year Makeover

  • “Working with Heartmanity is the best investment I’ve ever made!”

    – Heather

  • “Jennifer is like an expert trainer in the boxing ring. She’s the one that puts a cool towel on your forehead after being hit hard with the knocks and blows in life. She gives you those secret moves to keep going and encourages you to stand up when you want to lie down and quit.”

    – Cecelia

  • “Just when I started thinking I wasn’t seeing any positive change in my work with Jennifer, she said, ‘Let’s see if that’s true.’ Twenty minutes later, we had filled nine pages of a large flip chart with all my shifts, successes, new skills, and positive changes!”

    – Valerie

  • “What I took away so strongly from our encounter together was a sense of being utterly heard and understood in a very unique way. …It’s as though you reconnected me to my real self, my inner greatness instantly. Thank you.”

    – Brook G.

  • “Jennifer advocated for me, especially when I was judging and disowning myself. Because of our work together, I have rediscovered dreams and desires buried since childhood, embraced my true gifts and qualities, and unleashed my creative Spirit. I feel fully alive!”

    – Lauren L.

  • “My life has transformed on every level by 360 degrees because of Jennifer’s compassionate and wise support.”

    – Melanie

With Heartmanity’s One-Year Makeover


  • Regular weekly coaching (30 to 45 minutes each)
  • Phone and email support
  • Three VIP 1/2 days to focus on specific goals
  • Two transformational private full-day retreats
  • Life by Design Assessment
  • Brain Fitness Exercises
  • Repatterning outdated and limiting money beliefs
  • Your Personal Temperament Assessment
  • One redesign of a chosen space, i.e., office or living area
    Why is this important? When our environment is designed effectively, it can help you make and sustain positive change and build momentum. Key reminders unconsciously support your dreams and future self (or not) and will give you an added impetus for success when implemented based on brain science.
  • Facebook One-Year Makeover private membership
  • Online Positive Evidence Journal
  • Recommended videos, books and meditations to download skills, anchor new mindsets and accelerate growth
  • Complimentary admittance to all Heartmanity public classes, workshops, webinars and retreats
  • Assignments and daily check-ins for accountability


*For those of you who enroll in the One-Year Makeover and live outside of Montana, these events will be done via Skype or can be combined as a live weekend retreat.

The One-Year Makeover is designed to equip you with a very personal and highly strategic roadmap to create your best self and life—EVER! For more information, contact Jennifer today.

Create a life you love? YES! It’s possible! Find out how you can totally transform
your life and relationships.

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Are you experiencing life from the flawless compass of your heart?

The One-Year Makeover will give you the foundation to be true to YOU!

No more compromise or giving yourself up and then resenting it.

Get the skills you need to successfully and easily replace outworn, dead-end behaviors

with effective actions that quicken positive change.


A personal note from Jennifer

A client once told me after working with me for eight months that she didn’t really think she had changed much. So we did a discovery exercise together to find out. We wrote down the positive shifts and changes she’d noticed since we started working together. Do you know what she discovered? She came up with NINE PAGES of positive changes on a large flip chart—many of them major game changers!

That’s a lot of changes! … especially considering that she’d practiced the old ways of “doing life” for decades! Now she has the tools to keep the transformation going.

You’ll be able to change anything! Yeah, that’s a bold statement. Change is made possible and real through this step-by-step program designed to transform your life from the inside out. It takes focus, but you’ll have fun and learn to love yourself in the process.


Take action now to have the life you’ve only dreamed of!

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The support you need for your one-year makeover

This one-year program is the ultimate makeover with the maximum support. Why do you need support? Yes, it’s true, many of us are used to going it alone. (I know I used to say to myself, “If I only try harder, things will be different.” NOT!)

Frankly, there is nothing more empowering or comforting than having a mentor who encourages your progress, stretches you out of your comfort zone, and celebrates your growth!

Haven’t you tried really hard to change something, but you still ended up in the same place doing the same thing and then beating yourself up? I sure did, before I discovered the power of automation.

No matter how hard you try, if you don’t know this one thing about the brain, it makes lasting change virtually impossible.


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”
-Henry Ford

To make positive changes, you need to understand the enormous power of unconscious programs running in your mind just like the ones on your computer. You wouldn’t expect to use Excel without first loading the software, would you? What’s crazy is that we expect ourselves to know how to change without loading the software to be successful. The key is harnessing the enormous power of the mind to work for us, not against us!

So what gets in the way of true change?

Limiting beliefs that were created long ago and no longer serve us.

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“Jennifer is a forerunner. There is nowhere else you can read or
study what she’s teaching. If you want radical change, call her.” 

—Alex W.

Get the toolbox to transform your life.
Learn more about your own personal One-Year Makeover.

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You’ll look back and say, “This was the best decision I ever made!”

“I believe in transformation, not just feeling better for an hour or a day. Being connected and rooted in our greater selves is the only way to truly be free.” —Jennifer A. Williams

One Year Makeover

Personal Testimonials:

“The way I treat myself has completely changed! My inner dialogue was self-deprecating and harsh before I worked with Jennifer. Now I treat myself the way I’d treat a dear friend, or even a loving mother would treat a child, and have seen so many benefits from this shift.

“Goodbye anxiety! Goodbye stress!

“Hello fun! Hello adaption! Hello acceptance!

“I find that now I’m generally happier. I am no longer taking antidepressant medication, I’ve lost weight, I have learned to celebrate my victories (big and small), and I’ve learned to focus on what really matters to me in my life. As a result, I have more authentic relationships and deeper connections with people.

“I feel like I have tools in my toolbox for any situation that life could throw at me, and I have Jennifer to thank for it!” —Kathi

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