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Relationship Mastery

Every aspect of your life is either enhanced or drained by relationships!

We are wired for relationships though we seldom understand how to achieve trusting, honest, and conscious relationships.

It doesn’t matter if it’s with your girlfriend or spouse, your boss or co-worker, your friend or child — our unresolved pain, communication glitches, and vast differences often get in the way of true connection.


We learned everything about relationships, the world, and ourselves from our childhood family. What we learned as children influences and colors how we think, feel, and respond as adults in every situation and relationship — for better or for worse.

Relationship Mastery

And our competitive, consumer culture of quick fixes, instant gratification, and over-stimulation doesn’t help. We are accustomed to being entertained with a bias toward convenience and unlimited choices. Think Google or iPhones (information at our fingertips) and Amazon or Uber (delivery to your doorstep) or Netflix or Hulu (movie streaming at home). Why should relationships be any different?

Because they are!

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Invest in your relationships

Happy and healthy relationships take an investment of time, effort, and dedication.

Why do we assume that relationship or love should be instant or easy? A successful marriage or business takes
knowledge and skill.

YOU can create successful relationships at home and work.

YOU can attract the love of your life.

YOU can replace unhealthy relationships with healthy relationships that thrive.

  • LEARN important skills that enrich every relationship, including the relationship with your self!
  • UNDERSTAND your emotions and how they affect your interactions with yourself and others.
  • DISCOVER the power of perspective and learn how to redirect negativity to loving behavior.
  • REPLACE the thoughts and habits that get in your way of authentic living and true intimacy.
  • FIND OUT HOW to enrich your life with simple, practical and proven keys!

Yes, I’m in!


A personal note from Jennifer

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my 37 years of marriage, raising three children, and building from scratch several successful businesses is:

The quality of our relationships, our lives, and our professional success directly match up with our relationship with ourselves.

Think about that idea for a moment.

Wonder if you could change your inner world and as a result everything in your life and every relationship would automatically shift! It’d be amazing, wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly how I changed my life and saved my marriage.

I realized after much angst that I couldn’t change my husband. (He reminded me way too much of my absentee father.) So I began the adventure of transforming myself.

When I stopped thinking relationship was going to be easy and started paying attention to how well I lived and loved, everything changed.

When I took 100% responsibility for the quality of my experiences and my results, life changed dramatically. And yours can, too!

Once you put in the effort and focused work upfront, life and relationships are filled with ease and delight.

With every positive change I made, my husband became a more delightful person. Hmm.

The more I loved myself, the more I loved my husband. Hmm.

The more loving and fun I became, the more loving my husband became. Hmm.

The less I criticized myself, the more validation I received from other people. The more compassionate I became, the kinder people were when I made mistakes. The more I laughed, the more joy I found in everything around me. My life blossomed.

So that’s why I titled this section “relationship mastery.” It’s not about getting it right. It’s not about trying harder. It’s not about finding your soul mate. It’s not about following the advice of a counselor or guru.

It’s all about becoming fully our selves. It’s about healing within us whatever blocks our connection with life and love.

It all boils down to loving yourself and being true to YOU! From this alignment, our loving nature creates a thriving life. From this center, we act on our truth while also enriching and respecting all others. From this place of authentic power, we connect with others and create even greater beauty, coherence, and wonder.

I believe that relationship mastery comes from BEING, not doing, not trying, not fixing. By BEING fully human, we open the door to infinite possibilities.

I’m here to support you on this journey if you’d like,


Invest in YOU and transform your relationships
from struggle to ease, from conflict to love.
Time to awaken your best life.

Yes, I’m in!


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