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Drama-Free Marriage Resources

Learn to put passion into your relationship, not drama!

No one tells us how difficult marriage can be. After the honeymoon and the euphoria wear off, we often don’t have adequate tools to be successful. What a shame for relationships to struggle and fail just because we lack knowledge and skills!

Would you like some help? A few new skills, a dose of encouragement and some objectivity and support can go a long way for healing what might be causing conflict, strife and challenges. Often couples don’t realize until after they commit in a relationship how the only tools in their toolbelt are what they learned growing up. They’re not enough are they?

In Heartmanity’s DramaFree Marriage programs, you’ll learn to:

  • Gain vital conflict resolution skills
  • Express tough feelings without blaming your partner
  • Calm yourself and choose closeness over being right
  • Transcend behavioral patterns from outdated beliefs and perspectives
  • Lighten the relationship to have more fun and ease
  • Repair and deepen trust


DramaFree Marriage Programs

  • Couple’s Mentoring Program (three to six-month commitment of weekly coaching)
    Shift your relationship with regular support, new skills, and a fresh perspective. This coaching program allows for longer sessions to work through tough challenges and rebuild or deepen trust. In these sessions, you’ll convert old patterns of interacting, i.e., fighting/arguing or blaming, to new and effective ways of relating that create closeness, understanding, ease and quick shifting of strong emotions. These very transformative, personalized sessions hone into your unique strengths, values, and needed skills. You’ll learn essential elements often overlooked, such as temperament and communication styles. You’ll also upgrade belief systems that will empower you to build a passionate, drama-free marriage or partnership.

  • Couple’s Tune-Up Coaching Program (month to month commitment of weekly coaching)
    These sessions are provided for couples who have a strong foundation of love and trust but want to refine and up-level their relationship and learn to deepen their already great relationship. The sessions are shorter and real-life situations are used as the primary fuel of topics. There is a refinement of skills and couples learn to build a stronger foundation that supports their relationship moving forward.

  • Premarital Coaching Program (8 sessions)
    The purpose of this program is to identify tendencies within the relationship that might be causing friction and give insight and skills to iron out before marriage. Learn greater skills and get acquainted with each other in a deeper way while exploring values and strengths to support your relationship throughout your lives together. Highly recommended and popular. This coaching program dramatically deepens the bond between couples. The many insights created throughout this program are priceless.

What couples have to say about the premarital program:

“Jennifer has helped us respect each other for who we are and appreciate each other’s differences. She showed us how to work together and communicate what we need from each other, which in turn has made us a much happier couple. This experience has made our relationship a thousand times better than what it was, and we couldn’t thank Jennifer enough for what she has done. We never knew our relationship could be this much better, but it is, thanks to Jennifer.”Claire & Josh

Learn skills before problems happen.

Create a plan that supports your values and highest potential.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session or to begin one of the programs above.

STOP competing with your partner for your needs to be met and learn how to successfully champion each others’ needs, desires and goals.

Learn power tools to shift any relationship from strife to ease. Get vital tips to create a relationship that’s sweet!

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