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Heartmanity’s HeartLead Programs

We think everyone loves being on a team. The truth is that often we don’t like being on teams. Why? Because we’ve had countless team experiences in the past that have stung. And these negative experiences can cloud our perspective, condition our responses, and sometimes trigger us when we least expect it.

Mix a little pain and missing skill and what do you get? Conflict, chaos, and wasted time and resources.

That’s exactly why Heartmanity trains leaders and teams differently.

Heartmanity provides:

  • precision behavioral consulting
  • a roadmap for redirecting nonproductive behavior
  • cutting-edge skills that get to the heart of problems and conflicts quickly
  • programs that promote trust in relationships
  • open forums that stimulate personal and social growth
  • ingredients to cultivate a culture of honesty, openness, and fun

With these tools, positive change happens naturally.

Our HeartLead Programs:

  • Workshops tailored to your company (2 hours each)
  • Business retreats personalized for your business goals and challenges (half to full weekends)
  • Team training (2 hours)
  • Leadership consulting (1 hr.)
  • Leadership training (2 hours, half or full days)
  • Comprehensive and ongoing support (done bi-monthly for six months to one year)

HeartLead Programs are customized to you and your teams, leadership and business challenges and needs. Our goal for every training or workshop is to impart practical skills and insights to increase growth, enhance the culture, and learn effective communication tools while boosting productivity.


If interested in scheduling a training
or to sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session
to get acquainted further with our work…


Popular workshop topics are:

  1.  Ways We Sabotage Our Personal and Business Success⎯and what to do about it!
  2. Replace Hidden Beliefs with Mindsets for Success and Ease
  3. Expand Your Business, Not Your Chaos!
  4. Keys to Stay Encouraged in Your Business
  5. Cultivating Cohesive and Unstoppable Teams
  6. How to Set Effective Boundaries with Ease

Just in case you’re wondering, all Heartmanity programs have an unconditional guarantee!

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