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All parents desire to have a connected, fun, loving home and family. However, this endeavor can be challenging with so many demands on our time and energy as parents. It takes conscious practice to balance all the responsibilities of work and home while still capturing quality time together as a family.

Develop the mindful dexterity to raise your children to be loving, motivated, free-thinking and successful adults. Get the skills and support you need to make your family a source of rejuvenation, fun, and encouragement.

Parent Coaching

There’s nothing more helpful than getting an objective, experienced perspective on your parenting challenges. Our vision as parents can blur. We can become too close to a situation. Our reactions to our child’s behavior can contribute to the problem. And many times, we’re just too familiar to see beyond our frustration.

Sometimes parents come only once and walk away with a practical tip or tool they need to shift their child’s behavior. Often parents also gain understanding into their triggers as well. And at other times, the support is long overdue and so needed that they continue for a series of sessions.

Get the support you need before the behavior gets out of hand. It’s so much easier to change a dynamic if it hasn’t become patterned.

No matter whether you reach out or not, please take a moment right now to commend yourself for seeking a better way. And remember, self-care is at the foundation of all great parenting.

Family Home Visits / Behavioral Consulting

For more personalized insight and feedback, Family Home Visits have been a very popular and successful program at Heartmanity. Tackling behaviors in real time lends itself to greater insight and faster shifts.

With this hands-on approach, parents gain practical ways to approach their child’s behavior effectively and vital keys customized to their unique family and children, such as difficult temperament clusters. With this approach, the guesswork is removed, and the likelihood of success dramatically increases.

For out-of-state clients, behavioral consulting is done via phone or Skype followed up with handouts and a detailed roadmap of recommendations.

If you’d like to chat about this service, email or call us at 406-577-2100.


Parenting Workshops and Classes

The Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence

(This topic can be taught as a stand-alone 2-hour workshop or an extended class series.)

This workshop gives you critical skills to teach children emotional intelligence. You will discover how vital a parent’s responses are in the healthy emotional development of children.

What is emotional intelligence (EI)?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively express our emotions in everyday experiences.

Why does emotional intelligence matter?

Emotional intelligence has been proven to be vital for success and happiness in every area of life. All healthy relationships depend on the ability to modulate emotions and create emotional resonance with one another. Emotional intelligence is crucial to be caring and other-centered while simultaneously remaining present and true to ourselves.

In children, emotional expression is often uncensored, and their emotions flow as quickly as their vivacious bodies. For healthy emotional development, a child’s feelings need to be accepted, mirrored and guided lovingly by parents and caregivers.

Key Highlights of the workshop:

  • how to cultivate emotional health in children
  • how to help children express and manage their emotions effectively
  • tools to self-calm yourself quickly
  • importance of empathy and how to develop this skill
  • keys to build children’s self-reliance and increase responsibility to self and others.

If interested in attending an emotional intelligence workshop or class or sponsoring one at your organization or school, please contact Jennifer at or call 406-577-2100.

Hacking the Teen Brain

This 4-week course is a must for every parent of preteens and teens.

Many parents dread the teenage years. They’ve heard negative, even scary, stories for years while their children were growing up. As a culture, we’ve got teens pegged as out-of-control, disrespectful, and rebellious. Just when our teens need us the most and our experience and support as parents could be most vital, teens rebel and focus on peers.

If you need help with your teenager and you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of touch with that sweet kid you used to know, this is your opportunity to start fresh.

See if you relate to any of these qualities or concerns below:

  • Is your teen unmotivated and uncooperative? “Forgets” chores?
 Sloppy and lazy?
  • Do they mouth off and act disrespectful?
 How ‘bout moody and depressed?
  • Do they hold up in their room?
  • Are you concerned about negative peer pressure and who they spend their time with?
  • Do you wonder if they’re experimenting with sex and/or drugs?
  • Is it near impossible to peel them away from gaming, their phone or computer?
  • Are you worried that they’re not doing well academically?

Does this sound familiar? If you found yourself nodding, this class is definitely for you. Find out how the brain is the real culprit with many of these behaviors.

You are not alone.

Did you know that most of these behaviors can be linked to the development of the brain? Much of what you observe in your teen can be understood through the changes that are happening in their brain. The teen years are an intense period of brain development and your teen brain is going through massive organization and pruning. This developmental stage requires key things from parents to ensure healthy development.

Learn to harness that knowledge to motivate your teen in productive directions.

Now is the time to learn and find out what you can specifically do to safely and effectively guide your teen through a journey of exploration and personhood so they can to become a responsible, loving, and free-thinking adult.

After completing this four-week class, you’ll:

  • understand the latest research on brain development and how it applies to your teen personally
  • have the skills to redirect disrespect while teaching important values
  • tools to know how to stay grounded and calm yourself when it’s most needed
  • keys to helping your teen motivate from within so you can finally quit nagging
  • know the real reasons teens act out and how to redirect effectively

Two experts joined forces to create the Hacking Your Teen Brain class. It’s a dynamic and very rich experience. Co-authored by Evan Center, LCPC, a dynamic counselor and expert on teens and Jennifer Williams, a veteran to teens having raised three of her own and worked as a family coach and behavior consultant for over 15 years.

You do not want to miss this class! Your sanity depends on it!

Your teen’s well-being is riding on you being up for the task of parenting in these challenging years!

If interested, contact Jennifer at 406-577-2100 or email When there is enough interest, a new class is taught. Soon to be an online course and webinar!

POPULAR Redirecting Children Behaviors Workshops

Balancing Work and Family – Learn how to nurture yourself and your family so that your family supports your work. Find the balance that creates success at work and home.

Creating Cooperative Families – Teaches how to create a cooperative family/classroom atmosphere and what to do when there’s a lack of cooperation.

“No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!” Effectively Handling Power Struggles – Teaches how to recognize and disengage from power struggles and how to prevent them in the future.

Teaching Children Self-Control – Within developmental guidelines, shows how it is the parents’/teachers’ job to assist children in learning how to control and appropriately express their feelings and desires.

Balancing Love and Discipline – Introduces the concept of firm and kind, unconditional love, and the value of more action and less talk.

“That’s It, You’re Grounded!”: Parent-Teen Communication – How to effectively communicate with your teen, set clear boundaries, and understand what happened to my congenial child!

Understanding Children’s Temperament (2-part series) – Explores the ten temperament qualities and how they affect children and their interactions. Introduces practical tools to teach children how to manage and utilize their unique temperament for positive results.

Bully-Proof Your Child (2-part series) – Delivers critical skills needed for all children influenced by the challenge of bullying—the bully, the target, and the bystander. Helps parents and teachers detect early signs of bullying, gives keys to counteract the stress associated with bullying, and effective tools to create positive self-esteem.

Redirecting Children’s Behavior 5-week course

The discipline that builds high self-esteem and emotional intelligence

“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” course is based on sound psychology and is strongly influenced by the work of Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, author of the highly acclaimed book Children: The Challenge. Kathryn Kvols, who is the author of the book Redirecting Children’s Behavior, developed the course.

WHO can benefit from this course?

  • Parents with children of all ages
  • Step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters
  • Teachers, counselors, nurses, social workers
  • Anyone who relates to, supports or works with children

A few of the BENEFITS of course:

  • Increased confidence and enjoyment as a parent
  • Dramatically reduced arguing, scolding and yelling
  • More ease, teamwork and cooperation
  • Enhanced quality time with your children
  • Skills to promote peaceful resolution of disagreements and fights
  • Decreased power struggles and misbehavior
  • Greater responsibility and motivation in your children
  • Closer relationships with your spouse and children

BENEFITS for CHILDREN whose parents implement principles taught in this course:

  • Enjoy an increased joy of responsibility and initiative
  • Higher self-esteem and emotional fitness
  • Feel heard, loved and capable
  • Make smarter, wiser decisions
  • Better equipped to resist negative peer pressure
  • Learn skills for life

If you struggle with a child who:

  • constantly demands attention
  • doesn’t listen or does the opposite of what is asked
  • controls, bosses and pushes others around
  • whines and clings (or if your child is a teen, he or she is mouthy or sullen)
  • is mouthy and disrespectful
  • hurts younger children, pets or siblings
  • creates power struggles regularly
  • argues and fights with siblings
  • explodes over seemingly nothing

definitely take this course!

If you’re interested in becoming a Redirecting Children’s Behavior instructor, contact Jennifer at 406-577-2100.

For Montessori schools, here is a list of powerful benefits for offering the Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting course at your school. You won’t want to be without it!

There are 27 different
Redirecting Children’s Behavior workshops

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