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Goodbye worry, hello serenity. Upgrade your feelings and learn from their wisdom.

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Be transformed into your best self and create a life you love. And have fun doing it!

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Create a heart-driven business with dynamic teams and an irresistible culture.


Grow a business and a family while you thrive!


Learn cutting-edge science and simple tools that will dramatically enrich your life, business and relationships


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Return to Serenity Programs

Discover the gift of emotional wholeness!

Return to Serenity programs are designed to empower you to create inner peace and a sense of well-being.

Every element has been carefully sculpted to meet you where you’re at and help you determine your highest vision of yourself and your life. Then, you’ll be given cutting-edge emotional fitness skills to achieve your goals, master everyday challenges as well as gracefully navigate bigger problems that arise.

Create positive change in the least amount of time. You’ll discover how to surf successfully strong emotions, calm yourself quickly (in six seconds or less!) and respond in ways that reflect your highest values. Based on brain science, you’ll learn simple tools to ground yourself, even in the most difficult relationships and situations.

Whether you’re aching for transformation or just searching for a way to deal with those pesky feelings, these programs will empower you.

Stretch for your highest potential and shift in ways you never dreamed possible!

And if you’re looking for more honesty and closeness in your relationships, that will be a natural outcome of your amazing shifts!

Transformative Coaching

One of the most effective ways to dramatically change your life for the better is to have a mentor. And not just any mentor, a mentor who has already carved a road map through the maze of personal growth and has solid stepping stones to walk through the emotional terrain effectively.

Our coaching programs have different levels of time commitment. If you want to dig in, weekly coaching is possible. If you want to work on yourself at your own pace, no problem. And even if you’d like to learn in the comfort of your own home, we offer a powerful, life-changing online course.

You will learn:

  • skills to use in all relationships
  • emotional fitness tools to calm yourself successfully
  • how to own your truth and voice it authentically
  • set firm and loving boundaries
  • ways to navigate difficult emotions effectively
  • proven tips for a life of synchronicity and ease

Healthy Boundaries, Happy Life

A dynamic 4-week course that’s a life-changing experience. Each class is 2 hours.

Packed with keys to build emotional intelligence and practical tools to transform your life and relationships, you’ll get a proven system to shift perspective, speak your truth in any situation, and live and love full out, EVERY DAY!

You will learn how to:

  • Compassionately respond to your inner critic and resolve inner conflicts
  • Say “no” when it’s not a passionate “yes” and do it guilt-free!
  • Dramatically reduce stress, worry, and emotional upsets
  • Utilize the lessons of emotions to create a more effective, joyous life
  • Transform resentment to personal power
  • Upgrade and rewire outdated brain wiring and emotional imprints
  • Calm yourself in 6 seconds or less

From Surviving to Thriving online course

This online course is perfect for you IF you:

  • yearn for inner peace and greater serenity
  • desire to have greater understanding and control of your emotions
  • want to know how to say “no” to others and feel good about it!
  • would like to know how to set boundaries that will be respected
  • desire more honesty and meaning in all your relationships

Are you just “getting by?” Are you going through the motions (and emotions), but not really passionate or excited about your life?

Do you long for:

  • more fulfillment and peace?
  • a loving, fun and meaningful relationship?
  • a balanced life with inner happiness and ease?
  • your dream lifestyle?
  • a life with more passion and purpose?

This course is made up of four powerful sections. You will learn a major skill in each that is critical in every aspect of your life. These four skills are the ones that have made the biggest difference in transforming my own life. And these four tools I teach over and over and over again to my clients….so chances are you need them, too!

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