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Drama Free Marriage

Are you having fun yet?

Laughing and having fun together is a mark of a thriving relationship. But many couples struggle to find that place of ease. In fact, you might not even believe it’s possible. But it is.

What’s a drama-free marriage? First, I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not a homogenized marriage without conflict or strong emotions. A drama-free marriage is one where we can respond instead of react. We can make being close more important than being right. We can hold ourselves and each other accountable to be our best selves. And when we are our best selves, the result is a healthy, loving, fun and strong relationship.

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Drama-free Marriage

  • “My husband who was weary of couples counseling is now the biggest supporter and proponent for it. He is the one that raves about it! We keep telling everyone that it is the best thing we have ever done for our relationship.”

    – Claire G.

  • “Jennifer creates a safe, real, open, knowledgeable learning experience for couples to see the dynamics of their interactions firsthand with her. Having Jennifer with us noticing, listening, caring, sharing, and advising for 12 weeks has been life changing.”

    – Gloria

  • “With Jennifer’s mentorship and gentle guidance, I am now filled with absolute confidence, embracing all that life has to offer, with so much new love for my marriage. I’m excited for my young family’s growth under the many principles that you’ve introduced and instilled in me. I am forever a changed person.”

    – Nicorie S.

  • “Jennifer Williams has transformed my inner world, my love relationship, and even my business. I can never thank her enough for the gifts she has given me this past 6 months… Seeing her live so authentically and experiencing her unconditional acceptance, while receiving hard truths about myself so lovingly, has transformed me … to my very bones!”

    – Beth H.

  • “This premarital experience has made our relationship a thousand times better than what it was and we couldn’t thank Jennifer enough for what she has done. We never knew our relationship could be this much better, but it is, thanks to Jennifer.”

    – Claire and Josh

  • “Problems can mount during a lifetime. If those issues are not resolved and the issues stuffed in the corners of the mind, it can form a knot…Your insight and exercises opened my mind to see things more clearly. Since our meetings, I have grown to see myself in a new way and find myself in a more understandable position when in relationship.”

    – Tom C.

Heartmanity’s Programs for Couples:

  • Couple’s Mentoring
  • Couple’s Tune-up
  • Premarital Coaching Program

All Heartmanity couples services are tailored to fit each unique relationship and their specific strengths and challenges. For more information or to act now to lift your relationship to a new level of love, contact Jennifer.

Are you ready to upgrade your relationship?

If your marriage isn’t fulfilling or fully alive, who’s to blame? Your spouse or partner?

The foundation of all growth is consistent action toward what is important to us. And it all boils down to one commitment: to trade in old thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs for a new, improved version!

The good news is that couples can fall in love over and over again. The secret? They allow themselves to grow, get curious and explore the wealth of each other. What a wonderful journey love takes us on then!

Learn strategies for creating more love. Read “Relationship as Chess”

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Don’t you want your relationship to still feel like this after 50 years?
Ever wonder when “happily ever after” is coming your way? Now it can!

Drama Free

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Does your relationship feel more like a boxing match than a marriage?

Or do you feel more like roommates than lovers?

Does the fairy tale ending of “happily ever after” elude you?

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