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Goodbye worry, hello serenity. Upgrade your feelings and learn from their wisdom.

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Be transformed into your best self and create a life you love. And have fun doing it!

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Return to Serenity


SERENITY. Even the word conjures up peace. Yet, we have lost our way, haven’t we? Most people bury their emotions until they are either frantic or depressed, stuck or going nonstop and exhausted. Emotions are not at all convenient nor rational, but they are essential and guide us to our highest potential.

It IS possible to have a pervading sense of well being the majority of the time.

Heartmanity’s Return to Serenity program gives you the keys to open big doors within you. This program utilizes scientifically based and highly targeted Emotional INTEL to take you from a negative state to creating a pathway to permanent well-being. It’s fun. It’s easy. But the work requires effort and focus… and you’ll have to learn self-acceptance, too.

Learn how to master the waters of your emotions with adeptness.

Return to Serenity

  • “Jennifer’s words are a light in the fog and a beacon of hope and change. She has a gravity that takes you to a perception of soaring above while seeing your path, the choices, the changes, and the undeniable beauty of the journey.”

    – Sarah K.

  • “I’ve been working with Jennifer Williams for 3 months. The result so far is that miracles have occurred. Jennifer has the toolbox you need to make your dreams a reality.”

    – Gail G.

  • “What a transformative experience! Jennifer possesses the gifts of deep listening, grounded compassion, and informed guidance, creating safety and containment in which to explore the depths in our process of discovery.”

    – Carla P.

  • “It’s an epiphany every time I talk to you!”

    – Devon H.

  • “I miss you, your wonderful energy – an intoxicating combination of love, courage, compassion and confidence.”

    – Lauren S.

  • “Jennifer’s compassionate, loving, empowering wisdom and guidance has helped me to excavate my Authentic Self — truly seeing my real Self and for the first time in my life, embracing who I truly am. I’m excited about life again and what my future holds.”

    – Loretta

You’re a decision away from getting the knowledge and skills you need
to tap into the wisdom of your emotions and intuition.

Return to Serenity

Return to Serenity Program

All Return to Serenity programs are based on emotional fitness skills and proven tools as well as the latest brain science to short-cut transformation. To create a sense of peace daily, make the leap now and schedule your free Discovery Session today.

“Your aim is not to experience only positive emotions.
The road to freedom is not through feeling good; it is
through feeling true to yourself.”
—Deepak Chopra

Give yourself permission to feel

What would happen if you gave yourself permission
to feel whatever you feel for the rest of your life?
It starts with a decision. Ahh… return to serenity.


A personal note from Jennifer

For years I tried and tried to get everything right when it came to love and relationships. But the harder I tried, the less fun I was to be around. And most of my energy was devoted to making everyone else happy—so inside I was miserable, even though I didn’t admit it for many years. Then it dawned on me: My upbringing had something to do with my lack of emotional skills and the ambiguity and conflict I always felt inside. I decided that instead of stewing in negative emotions or pleasing others, I was going to focus on inner happiness and listen to my needs first. Wow! What a difference.

I stopped doing things because someone wanted me to; I did them because I chose to—not to please others or to be liked or to get love, but because my inner cup was full and I had extra love to give. That one decision changed my life forever.


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When you make the decision to move from surviving to thriving, your life will never be the same. You can cultivate an awareness that will hold the power to create fresh perspectives and see life differently, moment by moment.

Begin now. Learn emotional fitness today. Discover how to live peacefully by making friends with your emotions.

Inner Peace—Is it even possible?

Most people don’t believe that lasting serenity is possible. They think life is too full of ups and downs to sustain inner peace. But it IS possible. Inner peace can be constant, but it may be different than you imagine.

Serenity comes from accepting ourselves. When we truly accept ourselves, with all our human quirks, we develop a constant wellspring of serenity. Being strongly rooted in our true self guarantees that we’ll be guided by the reliable compass of our own heart.

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Return to Serenity

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