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Who I Work With

Be honest. Have you wondered recently, "Why does this relationship have to be so hard?" Do you feel the same way about your partner that you did when you first met? read more...
Parents and Children
Parenting is the most difficult and complex job you will ever have. It is also the most important! Yet, no one gets an instruction manual. read more...
Teachers and Children
From preschool to university level, teachers have told me that their schooling and training programs did not prepare them adequately for the situations they face in real classroom situations. read more...

Just for Women

Especially designed for women
  • Heal Yourself, Heal Your Marriage! Woman's Retreat
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Serenity Retreats
  • Emotional Fitness Workshops
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Couples Coaching


Problems can mount during a lifetime. If those issues are not resolved and the issues are stuffed in the corners of the mind, it can form into a knot.
This can slowly bind the personality and make life seemingly unmanageable, and behavior can become out of kilter. The ancient Greeks called this a Gordian Knot, and it could only be undone by cutting it apart.

I would like to thank you, Jennifer Williams, for helping me untie that knot. Your insight and exercises opened my mind to see things more clearly. Since our meetings I have grown to see myself in a new way and find myself in a more understandable position when in relationship. Thank you again.
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