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couples coaching

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Who I Work With

Be honest. Have you wondered recently, "Why does this relationship have to be so hard?" Do you feel the same way about your partner that you did when you first met? read more...
Parents and Children
Parenting is the most difficult and complex job you will ever have. It is also the most important! Yet, no one gets an instruction manual. read more...
Teachers and Children
From preschool to university level, teachers have told me that their schooling and training programs did not prepare them adequately for the situations they face in real classroom situations. read more...

Just for Women

Especially designed for women
  • Heal Yourself, Heal Your Marriage! Woman's Retreat
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Serenity Retreats
  • Emotional Fitness Workshops
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Couples Coaching


A great metaphor for Jennifer is an expert trainer in the boxing ring. She’s the one that puts a cool towel on your forehead after being hit hard with the knocks and blows in life.
She gives you those secret moves to keep going and encourages you to stand up when you want to lie down and quit. My work with Jennifer has been very empowering and has affected all relationships in my life in a positive way.
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